Celebrating Women’s Day ,is still a need


Celebrating Women’s Day ,is still a need , this itself is a matter of introspection for our society. Culture, nation , society, family repute such heavy words are often used to control women and her very aspirations.

Often in this nation ,there are the occasions when being a girl make them feel handicapped sometimes. An ordinary common man faces plenty of hurdles everyday ,a common woman faces even greater amount of difficulties. She is more prone to be humiliated , to be attacked, to be prey of domestic violence. Eve teasing is still a common disease observed in hyper-enthusiastic men and boys. When any girl wishes to spend her life with a person of her choice , our ‘cultural goons’ are always ready to teach her a lesson. Moral policing is not the characteristic of solely khap panchayats , every where , almost in every society girls and women are advised to follow a totally undesired series of code of conduct. And whosoever dares to raise the voice against these things , is termed as ultra-modern , a threat to Indian values and culture and nowadays anti-national also. If you look at particular societies like Hindu Muslims and other ethnic groups of our country, they all seem to compete each other in violence against women.




In my 8 years of teaching experience, I have observed that there is a state of equality between boys and girls and I can surely say that education is the only thing which has improved the condition of girls in this conservative nation. Education only is the cause of awareness about becoming financially independent. But it is notable that education is the minimum thing, fight for their social upliftment still needs many more efforts and lot of courage.

I hope that soon time will come when there will be no need to celebrate women’s day.


( The Writer is the lecturer at AECS Rawatbhata (Rajasthan), is an autonomous Body under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.)

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