Declining student politics via JNU

By- Vijay Shukla

Once again student politics has come in action when the solitary poster was noticed by some students on the wall of the School of Social Sciences' new block in JNU, which read“Freedom for Kashmir, free Palestine! The right to self-determination, long live!” was signed by the ultra-Left student political wing Democratic Students Union (DSU).

Except for some universities like JNU, there is no proper students union system in higher education institutions. Mostly student leaders are those who have nothing to do with studies,many of them are literally Gundas.


Many times they are indulged in disrupting the studies on the name of protests. Even JNU like the university has also been caught in unwanted disputes and protests. At any cost,students' studies shouldn't be disturbed. I feel colleges and univeristies would function better without these political students unions.

All political students organizations have lost the trust, give importance to their political ideologies only and they are trying to achieve their political targets only instead of working for students. And as we witness in recent times that they all are engaged in mutual muds lagging and political gang war. It's high time of review of these political outfits.


( The Writer is the lecturer at AECS Rawatbhata (Rajasthan), is an autonomous Body under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.)




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